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novelist & screenwriter
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October: newest Journal entry:  "The Sweet Sweat of Success."

I traveled across the planet to write lyrics for an Icelandic rock band

Dec 1:   my article "Joe West's New Mexico Songbook" published in New Mexico Magazine.

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The Object

The Object is a novel which tells one woman’s life story from fifty different  points-of-view.  These tales amass her portrait in a collage of overlapping contradictions, omissions and connections.  Some perspectives are as intimate as your lover's scent, others are as unexpected as the strike of a rattlesnake. 


            This novel is like a memoir written on a splintered mirror, asking the reader:  what is our true life story?
To The Last Drop

A present-day water war between Texas and New Mexico, this rollicking novel follows memorable characters on all sides of the conflict. 
(Bauu Press, 2008).