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The Object:  a love story

The Object:  a love story is the tale of Sandra Briar’s life, as told by nearly fifty different characters. 

Wherever she travels in the world – a journey from teenage runaway to promising artist, from disaster victim to depression survivor, from defiant daughter to reflective grandmother – we always know her as the object of someone else’s story.  

Whether viewing her as an object of derision or an object of desire, each narrator has a role in revealing Sandra Briar.

These stories overlap to become the patchwork quilt that is her portrait.  Neither her mother’s perspective, or her rival’s point-of-view, or her own voice, or even the tale created by some writer, possess the whole truth. 

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April 2016:
  "The Vanity," a chapter from The Object:  a love story, is available to read as a free download.

March 2016:
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February 2016: 
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February 2016: 
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To The Last Drop    (Bauu Press, 2008)

A present-day water war between Texas and New Mexico, this rollicking novel follows memorable characters on all sides of the conflict. 

**** - High Times Magazine (April, 2009)