novelist, screenwriter and audio producer


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Andrew Wice

To The Last Drop  (adaptation of my novel).  Thriller.  
When water is discovered in the desert borderlands of Texas and New Mexico, a war erupts between the states.  

Backgammon For Blood  (original screenplay, co-written with Erik Sawyer).  Comedy.
In the deadly world of international high-stakes underground backgammon, a reluctant prodigy rises to challenge the man who killed his father.  

The Object:  a love story  (adaptation of my novel).  Drama.
An adventurous woman's life story, told from the points-of-view of her lovers, enemies and strangers, reveals the interconnectedness of our lives.  (1st draft)

Pirates of Crude  (adaptation of my novel).  Thriller.
Modern pirates feast on drug smugglers in the Caribbean, but push their freedom too far when they seize a crude oil supertanker.  (1st draft)

Song Lyrics
I am currently writing lyrics for the new album by the Icelandic rock group Vinyll.

I have edited my father's twelfth and final book of non-fiction, White Flight:  D.C. In The Rearview Mirror.  It is about growing up during desegregation in the 1950's.  

This book will be integrated into the forthcoming Up To Your Ass In Brass:  the greatest hits of Paul B. Wice.  This omnibus will feature my father's celebrated restaurant list, a synopsis of each of his eleven published books, exclusive content as well as the unabridged White Flight:  D.C. In The Rearview Mirror.  (currently in its 1st draft)


I have written two text-based adventure games, based on chapters from my newest novel.  They are free to play on the Arcade page.  

I am exploring opportunities in the gaming industry as a narrative designer.  Adapting several of my novels into games is an active goal.

Other Novels

AFTER BELLS HAD RUNG AND WERE SILENT (1996) is the story of a girl's life from age 8-18, told by ten different narrators.  This book's main character returns in The Object, a novel which expands and explores the premise with fifty distinct points-of-view. 

THE JOURNEY ITSELF IS HOME (1998), wherein the narrator learns that he has gotten a young girl pregnant. He travels around the country trying to find the runaway on a journey that echoes the travelogues of the haiku poet Basho. 

PIRATES OF CRUDE (2000) is a story about modern-day pirates who prey on drug smugglers in the Caribbean. The modern pirates operate in the same waters using the same tactics as the pirates of olde centuries. Machine guns have replaced cannons, engines have replaced sails, cocaine has replaced doubloons. Little else has changed. The story bulges with sex, drugs and violence as well as sly bedevilments, peppery history and black humor. 

THE MALIGNANT INFERNO (2002) is a dystopic novel in the spirit of 1984 and Brave New World. In a near-future where convenience is the ideal, what happens when a member of the privileged class drops through the floor of his society and must make an exodus on foot across the desert with a dog? 

SACKING ICELAND (2004) is the story of an American writer in Iceland composing a novel. The journal of the writer (set in Iceland) and the novel-within-the-novel (the story of a high school football team in the U.S.) are cut together to create a multi-layered literary adventure. 

IF (blank page) will likely be the novel I write after The Object.  I cannot offer a snappy, intriguing hook for an idea which currently has the form of a deep-ocean jellyfish.  However, I will confess that If will trace the potential paths of possible pasts, and the continuously evolving wonderland of our existence.

I am a published poet of haiku.  

This haiku has been nominated for the venerable Pushcart Prize by The Journal of Truth and Consequence:

She has me
toasting her with tequila
alone in my night kitchen

The following haiku are a slim selection of those composed while visiting Japan in the Spring of 2007:

Sunbeams lance
through low churning clouds
hawks circle on broad wings
stiff like kites

Mountains above Usuki :
pale cherry blossoms
bloom among the pines

Sho chu with my brother
to the moon sky
up through clouds of sakura

Some unnamed scent,
some unseen bird’s song
haunt this cool green bamboo forest

Usuki Stone Buddha 
century lips still red
just about to speak

Beauty looked at me,
pulling on her boots ...
Kannon’s temple
in Spring rain

This night ferry
leaves a long wide wake
under bright moon,
cold wind on deck

Boy runs up,
Tatasakiyama monkey
smacks him across the face

Steep cemetery paths,
lichens splotch the crowded tombstones,
hill-top wind

In 2018, I released the Oral History Tour of Madrid, NM, a self-guided audio tour of my irreverent hometown.

I am a regular contributor to the Madrid Artist Quarterly, a high-quality & local publication.

"Joe West's New Mexico Songbook"  New Mexico Magazine (Dec 2012)
The local hero is back in the saddle with a new album of homegrown, quirky Americana and his best band yet.